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Clinica de Termografia specializes in infrared thermography exams - full body exams and breast thermography. We work in Lisbon and Parede (near Cascais).

Infrared thermography is used in medicine to detect all pathologies where there is inflammation. As inflammation is produced by the body in all chronic diseases, including cancer, thermography can help with detection of various health problems which are not yet manifested on the physical level, which are only starting to develop. In many cases a thermographic examination can show health problems which cannot be detected by any other diagnostic means. Thermography is a functional diagnostic method, while most conventional diagnostic means are purely structural, they show the structure of the body, not the processes of the body. Thermography shows what happens in the body, which processes are currently active (or hyperactive).

A thermographic camera receives the infrared radiation of the body (body heat) and transforms it into electrical signals which produce an image on the screen. The camera itself does not emit any radiation, it is completely safe for any person, including newborn children and pregnant women. There are no contra-indications for a thermographic examination.

Thermography is widely used for early detection of breast cancer and pre-cancerous states. A thermographic exam can show the very beginning of the cancerous process when there is no tumor yet, or when the tumor is very small and is not detected by other diagnostic means. Thermography does not show the tumor (as mammography does), but detects inflammation and angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) at the site where the tumor is forming. This is the only real variant of early detection of breast cancer, as other diagnostic means only find a tumor when it is formed already. The earlier the cancerous process is detected, the easier it is to treat with natural therapies and prevent the formation of the cancerous tumor. We use homeopathy to treat any pathology detected by thermography.

Thermography is useful in case of unexplainable (by conventional means) symptoms - pain, burning, other sensations. A thermogram shows what happens at the site of pain, what the underlying process is. Many times the cause of pain is in the muscle. Even when a person thinks that he is going to have a heart attack, the problem can be purely muscular. In case of fibromyalgia thermography clearly shows the painful spots in muscles. Burning in abdomen can prove to be a strong inflammation in the large intestine which can gradually develop into a more serious health problem.

Thermography is useful for men, as it can show the condition of the prostate. It is possible to detect early signals which show a predisposition for the development of the prostate cancer. As in the case of breast cancer, the earlier a prostate anomaly is detected, the easier it is to re-establish the normal functioning of the organ.

In case of children a thermographic examination can show not only the current processes in the body, but also the predispositions for future diseases. For example, in girls it is possible to detect a predisposition for future diseases of ovaries. A predisposition for a tuberculosis can be also detected quite early. Thermography shows weak spots in the body of the child, and they can be corrected with natural therapies, for example, with homeopathy.

The 5-year-old boy on the thermogram above has weak lungs (frequent constipations, allergies), chronic inflammation in the throat, hyperactive liver, digestive problems. Much cortisone was used to suppress skin eruptions. When skin eruptions are suppressed by strong medicines, a child can develop asthma. The best treatment for children is homeopathy, as it stimulates the body to return to normal functioning naturally, without the use of aggressive chemical medicines.

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